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Although we will customize any event to your needs, below are some good places to start. Contact us for more information. 

Main Events

We completely understand if you forgot about us and you have found yourself here 2 weeks before your event in a panic. Have no fear, Smedevents is here. The great thing about Smedevents is we have plenty of bartenders available for you. However, we do have a $50 rush fee for any events booked within that time. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Get Together | $350

Are you having a celebration with your closest family and friends but it's one of the milestones so you want to take it up a notch? We make it easy with our Get Together package suitable for up to 100 guests. This is also our most basic package people start with and purchase additional services to suit their needs. 


*This package includes 1 bartender with all necessary bar tools for 6 hours of service custom cocktails, shopping list, and all alcohol consultation for up to 149 guests.

Shin Dig | $525

Are you hosting a larger event? Are you inviting 200 people to your wedding? Hell, maybe even just 100 of your most rocking crew and you just know one bartender won't be enough for your crew. Whatever you are celebrating our Shin Dig package makes it a tad easier by providing an extra bartender for up to 200 people! We send our best two straight out to you so you can sip something strong and dance the night away! 


*This package includes 2 bartenders with all necessary bar tools for 6 hours of service custom cocktails, shopping list with alcohol consultation for up to 225 guests.



Get Together

Shin Dig



Mixology Classes

Little Mixers


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