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Let's Hang Out

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blasts from the past

Sip to


Sip to Serve is our annual bartending competition. All of our bartenders learn about a nonprofit based in Nashville, TN. Each bartender creates a cocktail & themes it around what they have learned about the nonprofit. They all compete to have the best cocktail by asking for donations to their non-profit in exchange for a sample of the cocktail. The sample could be very big or very small depending on the size of your donation. We provide drinks, dancing, food, and a fun night of philanthropy in February every year! 

Till Death


It's no secret, we are in love with LOVE. We love celebrating two people falling in love. We love the party, the dancing, the decor. Most of all, the CAKE. Here are a few weddings we have been apart of over the years. Some are styled, some are real, all have lots of love.  

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