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Owner & Lead Mixologist


Sarah is the owner and lead mixologist behind Smedevents. She started this business in 2014. Sarah has been bartending since 2008 at various event venues around Nashville such as Tennessee Performing Arts Center, the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman. She would bartend at these venues till the shows would end and then head down to Broadway to sling some drinks at a few of Nashville's favorite honkytonks. She has over 10 years of experience in creating cocktails & providing high volume event based bartending for any type of event you could think of.


One day a couple of regulars asked her to bartend their wedding, and Smedevents was born. People always ask why she called it Smedevents. The answer is Smed is her nickname! For many years you could head to any party and say "Hey Smed!" and know that you'd find her behind the bar mixing up something strong. Her friends lovingly started calling anything she was at a "Smedevent" and it only seemed natural to name the business Smedevents to extend that same good time to events all over Tennessee & Kentucky. Sarah also comes from a family of all girls and because of that, her family name has no chance to continue. Sarah decided no matter where she would go, or what her name would change to, Smedevents would always be her legacy and her way of carrying on her family's name. 


Sarah is a Nashville Native &  graduate of McGavock High School and Middle Tennessee State University. She bartended through college, got her degree, and found out that bartending was her true calling so she is here to stay! 

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